Abrasive Minds EP

by Restless

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released June 19, 2011



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Restless Newport News, Virginia

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Track Name: Restless
Restless thoughts feed my restless mind
I'm a fucked up neurotic with too much time
I self medicate, with my own hate
I life this life because I'm already fucked up
I ask myself everyday, why am I like this?
A recycling ire that stuck around longer than any of you
I took this pledge because if I was pushed any farther
I'd walk myself off of a fucking ledge

Restless fists slow my restless head
Am I out of step? Or just a step ahead?
Restless thoughts, I've forgotten how to sleep
Everything I see needs to be broken just like me
I obsess over a world in which I consume
I hate myself more than I hate any of you
Track Name: Filler
Dissapointed ancestors reunite in the sky
all the while that same dyed sky remains empty
Trails of red, I'll admit, are the footsteps of mine
Judgment follows as I leave loved ones behind

It was only a matter of time
until this hate became known and got the best of me

There is no shame in a fate like this one
because it took god himself to keep me down and out
eternity isn't that long if you really think about it
eternity isn't that long compared to where I've been

Hang your head
and grab the earth
remind yourself there's no one left
beg for mercy
no one cares
no ones listening

want all
give none
take all
Track Name: Abrasive Minds
Persistent in nature
Unforgiving in our own ways
Seeking mental kharma
Clean til the end of days

We're Shunned from death
No end in our sight
Our fathers are to blame
We continue this fight

So I purge the ill
with sounds of hate
Straight edge til' death
we choose our own fate

We're a dying breed
The last of our kind
We continue to fight
With our abrasive minds
Track Name: Visions
I'm having visions
of an empty street
no one to bother
no one to beat

Alone in my head
with my screaming thoughts
It echoes in there
I'm blind from distraught

My creator doesn't care
a project lost in time
there's no one around
to hear me speak my mind

I wish god was real
and continued deceiving
because nothing real
is worth believing

The world has failed
before I could
I paved a road of filth
where the life once stood
Track Name: Floored
I've been told, I'm
too young to commit
too old to be alone
but I'm too scared to submit


Fear of dying alone, no legacy
Fear of dying alone, I lost a piece of me